Aeration, De-Compacting and De-Thatching with Turf Renos

Hollow SideEject Window Tines, Tungsten Carbide Tipped ScarifyingBlades, Solid Tynes, DethatchingBlades, Topmaker Fraiseing Knives, Brooms

Great products, Good Prices and Excellent Customer service what more could you need?

Do you use an Amazone, Koro, Weidenmann, Verti-drain, Soil Reliever, Toro or Turfmach machine to Scarify, Dethatch, Aerate, Solid Tine or Hollow Core with?

Would you like to save lots of money on Hollow Coring and dethatching? Do you want good reliable customer service with deliveries everywhere anywhere in Australia and overseas?  I use High Carbon steel along with heat treatment to produce long wear not brittle or weak.   Do you want to deal with someone independent whom has been supplying and manufacturing for over 20 years within the fine Turf Industry? Whether its 7mm Toro mini Tining and dethatching your greens to 32mm Vertidrain Deep Hollow Tining your racetrack or sportsfield, Turfmach Ta30 Slicing or Koro Fraisemowing your compacted ground, Scarifying, Mowing, Sweeping and dethatching with a TR50, TTR3, Koro or Amazone your Turf grounds we probably have the goods.

Our tines and blades are used by Local Government Sportsfield Managers, Private School Sportsground Curators, Superintendent and Mechanics on Golf Course Greens and Fairways, Private Sportsturf Contracting Companies and Racecourse Managers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Ireland, and USA.

Manufacturers guaranteed replacement warranty on any goods found to be inferior, faulty or inconsistent.

Check out our products for your renovation needs and give us a call or email enquiry to see how we can help you. We are constantly adding to our range by customer request and can manufacture custom batches. http://www.tines.com.au

Great products, Good Prices and Excellent Customer service what more could you need?

Email: sales@tines.com.au


Phone now: 0419 138 489

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