Tough Tines for Tough Times.

Aussie sports grass curators endure some of the harshest conditions on earth and yet they manage to present some world class Fairways, Sports Field Stadiums, and Racetracks. How do they do it?

On a daily basis, our curators tackle Moisture or chronic lack of, Fungus diseases and weeds, Bugs and pests, Soil stability and compaction, PH Levels and Mineral Balancing, Grass heights, varieties and densities often seasonal and many other considerations.

This is all before any droughts, floods or strong winds occur any irrigation system leaks or blocks, lack of equipment or resources, mowers or tractors need repairs phew I am sweating just thinking about it.

These course curators are multiskilled, problem-solvers that are well acquainted with hard physical labour and perseverance and they could be acknowledged far more than they are for what they do and achieve.

Enter spiked boots, Hooves or Golf clubs… now the real problem solving begins Divots, Grass Tares, Sports Fields Eroding and balding and the compaction sets in.

So the cycle goes around, over-sow, maintain, repair and renovate its a tough climate and a tough job so the right tools are always welcome, Tines by Turf Renos are Tough all the way through from the design and materials used to the heat treatment so they will always tackle compaction with gutso and if you happen to be using the Hollow coring tines you will notice they are solid right the way to the shank making them sturdy all the way along and very unlikely to bend or break, each tine is individually bored out and milled to achieve this extra strength and I sell what I make so prices are right. My small contribution to making quality aeration practices affordable in Australia for our Curators after all they have enough to deal with don’t they?.





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