Time to Tine

Spring is a great time to Tine when the ground is moist and the Turf is in a resilient growth mode, this is when most Clubs choose to do their major Turf maintenance renovations. Tining is an excellent way to relieve compacted surfaces and allow water and Oxygen through the surface pan into the grasses root zone stimulating microbes and the overall health of the soil. Many clubs choose to mow the resulting cores back in resulting in a beneficial recycled topdress effect, others preference is to topdress and fill the tine holes with clean sand after sweeping up the cores. Once de compacted the benefits to players are apparent soon after, water tends to drain more freely and is less likely to perch after rain showers keeping the fields downtime to a minimum, the turf is aesthetically pleasing and underfoot there is less surface resistance with more pliability and yield resulting in less likelihood of player injury.  Pictured below a Racetrack using 32mm Side Eject tines on their Vertidrain in September in NSW and a Sports Field after coring 100mm deep20161026_131429.jpg.Photo of Vertidrain with 32mm Hollow tines.jpg

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