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About our Journey

http://www.tines.com.au spans ten years of Research and Development to specialize in cost-effective tipped blades and hollow coring tines.

We have a background in innovative manufacturing and many will know of us through Turfmach and our yellow TR50 and TTR3 scarifiers, others may know us through our sports turf contracting services Turf Renos Pty Ltd servicing NSW over the last 10 years.

When we started renovating local government sports fields, racetracks and Golf Course Fairways our journey with blades and tines really began.  We quickly discovered why contractors prefer solid tinning over hollow tinning and if they did hollow tine why their quotes were so high.

It was obvious we would not be competitive unless we developed our own hollow tines and tipped blades that were less expensive and durable so they lasted well.

We started to experiment and test in different soils trying to get the longest lifespan (Less downtime) whilst still pulling a neat plug from the compacted areas, during our experiments we underwent many manufacturing changes to see what worked best.

This resulted in our 16mm, 19mm and 25mm hollow tines having a greater taper so they keep pulling the plug for longer, our 25mm and 32mm that are very popular on race tracks and rugby fields to achieve depth and diameter whilst the decent thickness of wall continues to keep them going for a long time. Our tines are hardened to the hardest HRC possible before becoming brittle to ensure they rarely bend or break even when encountering the odd buried rubble.

We supply these tines to many Clients throughout Australia who find our tines a reliable and affordable way to tackle their compaction and aeration issues.

Benefits of Hollow Tinning:

When performing hollow tinning and removal of a plug you enhance your chances of gaining the multiple benefits of water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the root zone of the turf whilst simultaneously de-compacting the soil structure making for a more pliable soil and healthier grass.

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