Side Eject Hollow Coring Tines

Affordable Aeration! Side Ejects Hollow window one piece tough Coring Tines shanks included from 7mm to 32mm Diameter 110mm to 360mm Long, Aftermarket tines direct.  Phone 0419 138 489 or email sales@tines.com.au  Prices Ex. GST

I have the toro Procore 648 and have used 100’s of your tines now and am very happy with everything from the postage time to the longevity of the tines. I have used your phantoms, solids and side ejects and for 1/3 of the price of others you can’t go wrong.” 
Sean Stuchbery Course Superintendent Bundaberg Golf Course


High-Quality side ejects to suit Verti-drain, Toro, Weidenmann, Soil Reliever, Ryan, Husqvarna,  Billy Goat Aerators



Phantom7 Tine 7mm x 110mm greens side eject dethatch Tine to fit Toro 

$10.00  RED HOT SALE

Code: Phantom7

Phantom Tines will dethatch your greens without disrupting the play.

110mm x 7mmOD 4mm plug with a 3/8(9.5mm) Shank

$10.00  RED HOT SALE

Phantom8 Tine 7mmx 110mm greens side eject dethatch Tine 8mm Mt $10.00  SALE


Original specs Phantom with 8mm Mt

suit Vertidrains to leave the tiniest

footprint whilst dethatching your greens

CODE: Phantom8 

Phantom9 Tine x 9.5mm OD x 150mm With 12mm Mt suit Vertidrain/Weidenmann/Soil Reliever  $10.00

Code: Phantom9

Price: $10.00

Dethatch side eject window hollow tine with a 12mm shank leaves a tiny footprint whilst dethatching.

Side Eject Coring Tines

3/8 9.5mm Mount Suit Toro

H1159 11mm X 130mm 3/8 Mt suit Toro $9.00


Code: H1159

Price: $9.00

Hollow Side Eject window.​Solid shank end bored and milled for strength 11mm OD leaving a 6mm plug 3/8” Shank 130mm overall length.

1/2″ 12mm Mount

Coring Tines Suit Vertidrain/ Weidenmann

H16812 16mm x 200mm or 5/8 x 8″ SIDE EJECT TINE 12mm Mt $14.00


Code: H16812

Price: $14.00

Fairway side eject coring tine suit Vertidrain/Weidenmann.

This tine has a 12mm shank with a 16mm Outside diameter by 200mm overall length.

H19712 Cyclone conversion 19mm x 170mm  3/4″ x 6 1/2″ 12mm MT side eject $12.00

Code: H19712 Lawn Tine FavoritePrice: $12.00 Popular Cyclone conversion order on Lawn Fanatics Page


Fairway hollow side eject window tine. Suit Vertidrain/Weidennman 12mm shank size with a 19mm Outside Diameter and is 170mm overall length including shank one-piece tine.


H19912 19mm x 235mm with 12mm Shank side eject  $15.00


Code: H19912

Price: $15.00

Fairway Side Eject Tine suit Verti-Drain/Weidenmann.

12mm dimple shank 19mm Outside Diameter with an overall length of 235mm Leaves a 12.7mm Plug.

H191212 19mm x 300mm with 12mm Shank side eject Tine $16.00


Code: H191212

Price: $16.00

Suit Vertidrain

H14619 9/16″ 14mm OD X 6” W 3/4″ Mt    


Code: H14619

Price: $8.00

Hollow Side Eject window

​14mm OD leaving a 9.5mm Plug x 150mm overall with a 19mm Shank

H16619 5/8″ 16mm OD X 7” W 3/4″ 


Code: H16619

Price: $8.00

Hollow Side Eject

​16mm OD leaving a 12mm Plug x 165mm overall with a 19 Mount

H19719 ¾” 19mm OD X 7” long 3/4″ Mt $8.00 Popular Lawn DIY Weld On




Code: H19719 Popular Lawn tine

Price: $8.00 Weld-onto flat surface

Hollow Side Eject window Tine

​Solid shank end bored and milled for strength 19mm OD and 165mm long pulling a 12.7mm plug

H19719 Lawn Tine DIY 
H19719 Lawn Tine DIY 
H19719 Lawn Tine DIY 

H22719 7/8″ 22mm OD x 7″ long 3/4″ Mt $9.00


Code: H22719

Price: $9.00

Tough window Tine leaving a 16mm plug at 165mm long overall


Code: H251218

Price: $24.00

Fairway Hollow side eject window tine suit Verti-Drain 18mm shank 25mm outside diameter and is 300mm overall length including shank.

H321018 32mm OD  x 240mm with 18mm suit Soil reliever dimple shank $25.00


Code: H321018

Price: $25.00

Fairway hollow side eject window tine suit Soil Reliever.

This tine has an 18mm shank size with an outside diameter of 32mm and is 240mm overall length including shank.

24mm Mount Tines

H321624 32mm x 380mm Big SIDE EJECT TINE 32MM OD $35.00


Code: H321624

Price: $35.00

Side eject hollow window tine suit  Verti-Drain.24mm shank x 32mm Outside diameter x 380mm Overall popular racetrack and contractor option for big de-compacting jobs.

H258  25mm x 200mm  1″ x 8″ Suit Weidenmann/SR or Vertidrain $12.00

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is h258.png

Code: H258

Price: $12.00

Fairway hollow side eject window tine only suits Weidenmann/Verti-Drain/SR.

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