Side Eject Hollow Core Tines


Phantom7 Tine 7mm x 110mm greens side eject dethatch Tine to fit Toro 

Phantom7 $10.00

H22PLUGRR 22mm OD x 145mm 16mm ID 5/8 UNC Thread Suit Billygoat PL1801 replaces 381057-S

H22PLUGRR $20.00

H1159 11mm OD x 160mm x 7mm ID x 9.5mm (3/8) MT

H1159 $9.00 Greens Tine Toro

H12612 12mm OD x 150mm x 8mm ID x 12mm MT

H12612 $8.00

H16812 16mm OD 200mm x 11mm ID x 12mm MT

H16812 $15.00

H19712 Cyclone conversion 19mm x 170mm 12.7mm ID 12mm MT

Code: H19712 Lawn Tine FavoritePrice: $12.00 Popular Cyclone conversion order on Lawn Fanatics Page


Fairway hollow side eject window tine. Suit Vertidrain/Weidennman 12mm shank size with a 19mm Outside Diameter and is 170mm overall length including shank one-piece tine.

H19712 $12.00

H19912 19mm x 235mm 12mm ID 12mm MT

H19912 $16.00

H191212 19mm x 300mm 12mm ID 12mm Mt

H191212 $16.00

Procore 3/4 19mm Mt Side Ejects

H1019 12mm OD x 150mm 6mm ID 19mm MT

H10619 Price:$9.00

H1219 12mm OD x 150mm 8mm ID 19mm MT

H1219 Price: $8.00

H14619 14mm OD X 150mm 10mm ID 19mm Toro Mt    

H14619 $8.00

H16619 16mm OD X 150mm 11mm ID x 19mm Mt Toro 

H16619 $8.00

H19719 19mm OD X 165mm 12.7mm ID 19mm MT Popular Lawn DIY Weld

H19719 $8.00

H22719 22mm OD x 165mm 16mm ID 19mm Mt $9.00

H22719 $9.00

Jumbo Side Ejects

H221018 22mm OD x 250mm x 16mm ID 18mm VD MT one piece

H221018 $20.00

Tube H258 25mm OD x 200mm x 19mm ID VD/WM/SR

H258 $15.00 Tube Only on back order

H251218SR 25mm x 300mm x 18mm ID 18mm SR Mt

H251218SR $24.00 on Backorder

H251218VD 25mm x 300mm x 18mm ID 18mm VD Mt

H251218VD $24.00 On Backorder

H251224 25mm x 300mm x 18mm ID 24mm VD Mt

H251224 $24.00 On Backorder

H321018SR 32mm OD x 240mm 26mm ID 18mm Toro SR MT Machined

H321018SR $20.00

H321524RT 32mm OD x 385mm 26mm ID 24mm Dimple MT VD Machined One piece

H321524RT $35.00


H2510T  25mm x 250mm  19mm ID Tube Only VD/WM/SR

H2510T $15.00

Spoon 22.5 mmOD x 195mm 14mm ID Ryan/Bluebird/Husqvana/Billy Goat AE1300H

HSP228 $12 Heavyduty

Spoon 25mm OD x 195mm 18mm ID Ventrac

HSP228Slot $10

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