Scarify, Dethatch, Shaver, Aero and Agri Tines

Scarifier, Topmaker and Dethatching Blades

To Suit Amazone, Koro, NEW GKB Tungsten Scarifier, Suit Weidenmann, Turfmach, NEW Recycle Top Dresser, New Aerovator and Agrivator

Agrivator Code: Agri $9.00 and Aerovator Code: Aero $7.00

Scarifier Blade 1.8mm Tungsten tip Suit Amazone $8.00 Code: ASC2TT

ASC2TT $8.00
  $8.00 Suit Amazone Scarifier 3mm Tungsten Tip Part: ASC3TT

Combinator Suit GKB 3mm Tungsten double sided Scarifier Blade $12.00 Part No: COM3TT

COM3TT $12.00

Recycle Topdresser 10mm Tungstun Tip Blade suit Koro/GKB

KRTD $45.00

Scarifying blade 3mm Tungsten Tipped 

 $12.00  suit Turfmach  Part No: STT003 
STT003 $12.00

“J” 3mm mower blade   LH and RH

 $6.00 Pair Mowing 3mm  Suit Amazone Part: AMBLRH
 $6.00 Pair  Suit Amazone Long wing 3mm Part: ALWLR
ALWLR $6.00 Pair

 $12.00 suit Koro  Part No: KSC3TT
KSC3TT $12.00

 $10.00 suit Koro-GKB Part No: Topmaker Combinator

 $7.00 Suit TR50-CD36-TR74  1.2mm Tungstun Tip Part No: STR012
STR012 $7.00

$20.00 Turfmach TA30 Slicer Part No: STA14

STA14 $20.00
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