Solid, Needle, Cross, Hook, Knife Tine’s

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“Went out with the cross tynes last week as part of our regular winter maintenance and they excelled! 19 greens with really no discernible wear. Should easily get across the course 4 times with them. Great value for money.” “The Cross tynes are perfect for what I need which is just opening up the top 30mm for air exchange in winter as they have a bigger surface area compared to a round Tyne. Minimal surface disruption and you’d hardly know you’ve tyned after a roll” Luke Nowlan,  Ipswich City Golf Club Qld

TineX Discreet Aeration no Mess

TineX9 9.5mm OD x 120mm Cross 9.5mm Mt

TineX9 $9.00 3/8 MT

TineX10 10mm OD x 150mm Solid 19mm Mt

TineX10 $10.00 3/4 Mt Toro

TineX19 19mm OD x 150mm Cross 19mm Mt

TineX19 $10.00 Toro

TineX719 19mm OD x 165mm Cross 19mm Mt

TineX719 $11.00 TORO

TineX24 24mm OD x 350mm 24mm dimple Mt VD

TineX24 $20.00

SLITTER KNIVES Simple Discretion

KN19712 19mm Wide x 4mm Thick Knife 170mm 12mm MT

KN19712 $12.00 VD/WM/SR

Agrivator and Aerovator for 1st Products

AGRI 3/4 UNF Thread fit 1st Products Agrivator

AGRI $9.00

AERO 5/8 UNF Thread fit 1st Products Aerovator $7.00

Aero $7.00

Solid Tines 

8mm MT Tines

S8 8mm OD x 235mm Needle

S8 $5.00

S8Hook 8mm OD x 190mm Hook

S8HOOK $6.50

3/8″ 9.5mm Mount Tines

S69 6mm OD x 130mm Solid 9.5mm Mt

S69 $6.00 Toro/JD

S89 8mm OD x 130mm Solid 9.5mm Mt

S89 $6.00

S1259 12mm OD x 135mm Solid 9.5mm Mt

S1259 $7.00 Fit Toro/JD

12mm 1/2″ Mount Tines VD/WM/SR

S129 12mm OD x 235mm Solid VD/SR

S129 $6.00

S1212 12mm OD x 300mm Solid Dimple Verti-drain

S1212 $7.00

S1212W 12mm OD x 300mm Solid Dimple Wiedenmann Mt

S1212W $7.00

S1214 12mm OD x 350mm Solid VD

S1214 $7.50

S16812 5/8″ 16mm OD x 200mm Solid 12mm Mt VD/SR/WM

S16812 $9.00

S191012 19mm OD x 250mm 12mm Mt VD/WM/SR

S191012 $10.00

M14 Threaded Taper Wiedenmann

S1912M14 19mm OD x 300mm Solid M14 Taper XP/XF/XD

S1912M14 $12.00

18mm Mount Tines VD/SR

Solid 18MM OD X 300MM Solid Dimple MT VD/SR

S1812 $12.00

S1816 18MM OD X 400MM Solid Dimple MT VD

S1816 $14.00

S1818 18MM OD X 450MM Solid Dimple MT VD

S1818 $16.00

3/4″ 19mm Mount Toro

S819 8mm OD x 165mm Solid 19mm Mt Toro

S819 $7.50

S1219 12mm OD x 165mm Solid 19mm Mt Toro

S1219 $7.00

S1619 16mm OD x 165mm Solid 19mm Mt Toro

S1619 $7.00

S1919 19mm OD x 165mm Solid Mt

S1919 $6.00

S19819 19mm OD x 200 mm Solid 19mm Mt Toro

S19819 $7.00

22mm 7/8 Soil Reliever Mount Tines

S251822 25mm OD x 450mm 22mm SR MT

S251822 $16.00

24mm Mount Tines Verti-Drain

S2416 24MM OD X 400 MM Solid VD Dimple

S2416 $16.00

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